What You May Want to Ask Knoxville Plumbers to Add to the Kitchen

What would you want professional Knoxville plumbers to add to your home? When it comes to home improvement, plumbing is one good area to explore. Today, many new technologies are emerging that serve practical purposes for the home. Among those are touch-activated faucets.
How does it work?
Gizmodo, a website dedicated to news and information on anything about technology, presents one of these faucets, namely the Delta from Pilar® Kitchen Collection. The water flows when you turn it on via the main switch, which also allows for the water get hot (turn left) or cold (turn right). The difference is that you can turn the water flow off by tapping the faucet anywhere on the handle or the body. Tap it again to turn the flow back on.


Knoxville, TN Plumbers: Four Reasons Why Your Toilet Gets Clogged

A clogged toilet is incredibly stressful. Aside from depriving your bladder the release it needs, it can also overflow, flooding your floor with filthy water rendering the entire bathroom unusable until professional plumbing help arrives. Apart from being an old toilet model, there are numerous other reasons why a toilet gets backed up. Here are four common causes of toilet clogging, according to Knoxville, TN plumbers:

Limescale. These are white or rust-like buildup of hard water deposits that may be clogging your toilet’s portholes (located right under the bowl rim). When present, limescale reduces the toilet’s flushing power until the time it can no longer use water sufficient enough to flush waste. To fix, try scraping them off or use a one-part muriatic acid to ten-parts water solution. If limescale buildup is severe, seek the help of a plumber.

Knoxville Plumbers Help Keep Home Plumbing Systems in Prime Condition

The local news division of ABC, WATE-TV, reported in their online edition that inspectors made an unannounced inspection and Knox County restaurants passed these health inspections with flying colors. Results are favorable throughout the county with the top 12 getting scores within the range of 97-100.

One important element in the grading of the restaurants is the absence of problems in the plumbing system. This is essential because these establishments are making heavy use of the kitchen. Also, the staff and customers must be able to use a clean bathroom. Plumbing problems in these areas can cause inefficiency and sanitary issues that can compromise the cleanliness and food safety of the restaurant.